Top 5 Benefits of Key Cabinets

Glass front key Cabinet

Key Cabinets are a safe option for businesses with a large number of keys in use. Key Tracker offers a range of key cabinets that suit the needs of the client, ranging from heavy-duty cabinets to electronic cabinets and any available support for those not able to fix directly onto walls. What are Key Cabinets…

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Mechanical Cabinets & Locks

Key cabinets

Keytracker stock a huge range of mechanical cabinets, our cabinets are made from bespoke steel, each of our key cabinets is designed to hold a maximum of two mechanical key systems or it can hold two hook panels, one that fits inside the cabinet and one on the back of the door. Our mechanical Cabinets…

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Key Management Systems

University Of London

Keytracker helps businesses and companies keep track of valuable keys and equipment. We help by providing key management systems that keep track of and organise your keys and assets. With a variety of products that include mechanical and digital lockers, peg in, peg out boards, access & retention pegs, as well as key cabinets &…

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Contactless Lockers

Smart Lockers

In the current world, we live in and with the pandemic still, ongoing many businesses are looking to find different ways to keep their employees and customers safe. No contact options are becoming increasingly popular, in the quest to stop the spread of coronavirus and virus transmission. Keytracker has successfully evolved its product lines and…

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New police approved signal blocking key pouches

police approved Signal Blocker Key Pouch

A large number of new cars now have keyless entry as standard, or as an optional extra. Any car that has keyless entry and keyless start is vulnerable to being targeted by thieves. How are keyless cars stolen? The vehicle is stolen using a relay attack unit, this is a device that transmits on the…

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Property & Estates Sector

Douglas & Gordon

Keytracker provides bespoke key management solutions for the property & estates sector. We have supplied many estate agents and companies in the property sector with a solution for storing and securely keeping track of keys. Whether it be for a small business or a large company Keytracker can provide a solution for you. Keytrackers key…

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Keytracker Accessories

Keytracker Pegs in various colours

Keytracker is the leading provider of mechanical and electronic key and equipment control systems and Keytracker accessories for your place of work. Our aim is to create systems that are suited to each customer’s individual needs, working hard with our clients to provide solutions to their key management problems. We are constantly developing new products…

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Key management in the health sector

St Johns Ambulance

Keytracker has been supplying the healthcare sector for many years, providing solutions for the securing and key management of confidential paperwork, pharmaceuticals, and medical equipment with our intelligent locker systems. Key management services We have also provided key management services for fleets of emergency vehicles where easy and secure access to vehicle keys is paramount,…

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Automotive Sector

Motor Range

Keytracker has been the leading provider of key management systems in the automotive sector for over 25 years. Keytracker systems are found in car showrooms, workshops, garages, and private hire companies all over the UK and worldwide. The automotive industry requires many different cars key solutions, if you are not sure which system would work…

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Key and Asset Control Software

Key Control Software

Keytracker’s has been designed to keep track of all your keys and assets, worldwide Key Management Software An easy-to-use tracking web application; it was initially designed to keep track of business keys but has evolved, with many other potential uses. Key and asset control software can be used to keep track of assets, tools,…

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