Key and Asset Control Software

Key Control Software

Keytracker’s has been designed to keep track of all your keys and assets, worldwide Key Management Software An easy-to-use tracking web application; it was initially designed to keep track of business keys but has evolved, with many other potential uses. Key and asset control software can be used to keep track of assets, tools,…

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Drop Off Lockers

package drop-off and collection locker

What are Drop Off Lockers? Drop off lockers are secure lockers that can be used to drop off and to pick up parcels that have been ordered online. They can be used in online retail for stores as an easy way for customers to pick up what they’ve ordered via an automated system, which offers…

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Keytrackers Key Reward Points

Key reward Points flyer

Here at Keytracker we have introduced Key Reward Points to reward our loyal customers. Key Reward Points will be collected with every order placed over £10; these points can then be used on future orders and will reduce the value of your invoice. Every 6 months any customer that has over 100 points will automatically…

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​Electronic Locker Systems: Why Invest?

Lockers - Big

As well as being fragile and vulnerable to damage, electronic items are often costly to replace and can cost a business dearly if they’re not in full working order. Many businesses rely on the use of technology on a daily basis and with this in mind, protecting such items is of the utmost importance. Simply…

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Five Benefits of Installing a Key Control System at Your Hospitality Business


When you run a hospitality business like a hotel, B&B or spa, you need to make sure your guests are kept safe at all times. It’s likely that your premises has lots of different rooms and access points which require lots of different keys- keeping track of them and storing them securely should be paramount…

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