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Keytracker Ltd produce the largest range of systems designed to

effectively manage, track and control keys and assets. Established in

1996 and based in the West Midlands, Keytracker provide cost-effective

key and asset management solutions for the work place, ensuring

maximum security and tracking for keys, equipment and assets.

All of our electronic and mechanical solutions have significantly

reduced the amount of time spent managing keys across many

industries. Offering quick and easy access for authorised personnel, all

Keytracker systems ensure that keys and assets are never lost or


The Keytracker Mechanical Peg in-Peg out Board was originally created

for the automotive industry as an innovative way to secure, track and

manage the car keys. However, we very quickly realised that absolutely

any business and industry could save time and money by effectively

managing their keys and other assets.

In 2004 our product range expanded to include Electronic Systems in

order to offer our customers an even more advanced solution to key

and asset management. Then, in 2011, we added the RFiD locker

systems to our product range, now marketed under the iLockerz brand,

with the aim to bring secure asset management to even more industries

and organisations.

Continuing with our aim to provide the latest and best in technology, we

are continually developing our systems and software to bridge the gaps

between the mechanical and electronic systems, thereby allowing

customers to gain additional functionality without the higher costs.

We pride ourselves on our ability to tailor all of our products to

customer specific requirements, whilst providing a personal service.

With an enthusiastic ‘can do’ attitude we aim to provide solutions at the

most cost-effective and efficient level for each client. With this in mind,

all Keytracker systems are available to buy or rent through our unique

rental package, ensuring that any business is able to enhance their

security and improve efficiency no matter what their budget.


‘To provide key and asset management systems that

exceed our customer’s expectations.’


Keytracker Ltd is dedicated to providing key & asset

management products that provide quality protection with value

pricing. We wish to establish a successful partnership with our clients,

our staff members and our suppliers, that respect the interests and

goals of each party and our success will be measured by the amount of

clients who choose us for our ability to exceed expectations in price,

service and expertise.