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There are additional modules that can also be used with Key Control Software. Such as the

Signature Pad, Geotracking and Handover modules.

With the Signature Pad module, the pad can work in conjunction with the software for proof of

transaction. It features a touchpad & stylus and shows the signature on the computer

screen, adding an extra level of security and management to tracking your keys.

The Handover module allows users to easily hand over a key set to another user rather than

check the key into KCS & then check it back out again beforehand. The software will record

the new key holder and create an entry in the audit trail that the handover process occurred.

This is especially useful if keys are to be exchanged when drivers meet at another branch or


With the Geo Tracking module enabled, if the user is logged into the software from a mobile

device such as an iPhone or tablet, the check in or check out procedures will record the GPS

location of the transaction.

This is then viewable from a Google map so that you can see exactly where transactions

occurred. These additional modules are charged at an extra rate and can be turned on and off

for each customer via our management portal whenever required.