Drop Box and Collection Box

Collection Box

Collection Box

Keytracker Collection Box

The KT Dropbox & Collection Box is a secure way for customers to drop-off and collect keys out of work hours.

The collection box can hold up to 15 customer key sets for out-of-hours collection.
Once the customer has entered their unique code, scanned their phone or QR code, their key will automatically be released for collection.
The system housing feature a 6mm door and 3mm stainless body, for weather resistant outdoor or “through-the-wall” key storage.
Both systems are accessible via electronic PIN code locks, for retrieving keys from the dropbox and refilling the collection box with customer keys.

Both the Collection Box and Dropbox feature internal locking for additional security. The 3-point hidden locking setup, eliminates visible break-in routes, diverting opportunist thieves.
The Dropbox includes an anti-fishing design to ensure keys cannot be retrieved back through the drop-off drawer.