Keytracker Smart Electronic Locker Systems

Keytracker Business Device Loan Lockers

Used for the automated management, storage and charging of important equipment, the Smart Locker systems enhance security and improve workplace efficiency whilst also reducing theft, damage and loss.

Operating 24/7, 365 days a year, around the world, Keytracker Smart Locker systems are relied upon by a wide range of organisations, from schools and manufacturing facilities, to armouries and public spaces to automatically vend important equipment to approved users.

Keytracker smart lockers allow your organisation to securely and effectively manage the assets, objects and equipment that is important to its efficient operation.

Users access the lockers by entering a pin code into the touch screen control panel, presenting a finger to the finger print reader or by swiping an access control card at the card reader. Once recognised, the user will be given the option to open the door of their choice to remove the desired asset.

Upon removal of an asset, the smart lockers automatically record a unique time and date stamp alongside a colour photograph of the user that was granted access. Through the use of pioneering tracking technology the intelligent lockers will also recognise each of the assets stored within and then log those that leave (or are returned) against the user's account.

This information is stored in the web based management software, and may be retrieved at any time remotely over Wi-Fi, through the internal LAN network or via the touch screen control panel. This ultimately gives management the ability to see exactly who has (and has had) every single asset and when. The result is massively increased efficiency, reduced downtime, decreased costs for damaged assets and a greater sense of ownership across the business.

Keytracker lockers can be purchased, leased or rented and can be used to secure, charge and manage your important equipment from as little as a few pounds per asset. Get in touch with the team today for your no-obligation quotation for demonstration.