Intelligent Key Management

Keytracker Intelligent Cabinets give businesses a way to secure all keys and track their movements.

Keytracker Intelligent Key Cabinets keep all keys secure yet quickly accessible for staff to use at any time without the time-consuming hassle of checking out the keys they wish to use. To access the keys the user simply logs into the cabinet using their unique login. All cabinet transactions are automatically recorded through a powerful, easy-to-use software application, providing automated email reports and alerts that monitor, control and track every key movement.

Keytracker works in partnership with ECOS systems to deliver the most secure and innovative systems to the UK market.

“The Keytracker System has proved invaluable to us, since we have had the system in place we are able to track the whereabouts of every key on site and only authorised users can access the cabinet and retrieve the key that is otherwise securely locked in place, this control has meant that since having the system not a single key has been misplaced or lost.” - Steve Pearce, Motor Range

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