Mechanical Key Cabinet Solution

Dependable Mechanical Key Security Systems

Our range of products are designed and built to provide the most secure methods for managing keys. These systems include a variety of options to suit the specific needs of your business. Some of our available key box solutions include:

Mechanical key systems provide a reliable solution for managing and tracking keys, tools, and equipment. These systems do not rely on complicated electronic software. They offer a secure option that is built to last and suitable for a wide range of environments, including industrial settings.

Using a simple peg-in, peg-out solution, you grant authorised users personalised access pegs. These pegs need to be inserted to remove a key, allowing you to track who has removed a key. While these systems are simple, they are effective at monitoring and tracking key usage.

Consider implementing a key tracker system with a secure cabinet, drop box, or collection box. We also have single units and padlock storage bars.

We even carry a single-unit. These individual units can be secured to walls or cabinets to prevent unwanted access to equipment and locks. They also use a peg system to provide simple and efficient access control.

Over 20 Years of Quality Products and Service

Keytracker was established in 1996. Our original products included mechanical key systems designed for car dealerships. We provided a cost-effective method for managing large quantities of keys.

We have continued to evolve with the changing needs of businesses when it comes to key management. You can find a secure key cupboard, key cabinet, or drop box to fit your specific key management requirements.

If you want to use the latest technology, we have a range of electronic key systems to meet your needs. These options include intelligent cabinets, RFID gateways, and other solutions for automatically tracking each time that a user removes an item from the cabinet or storage unit.

To learn more about our mechanical or electrical systems, contact us today. Let us assess your current key management systems and determine which of our line of products are best suited to your business.

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