Staff Access Pegs

Staff Access Pegs are to be used in conjunction with Keytracker's Mechanical Peg in-Peg out Systems.

Access pegs are issued to staff members to unlock the keys from the board and are usually engraved at the end of the peg with either the users initials or a specific number. These pegs can also be bought in a range of colours which can help to clearly identify who has which keys and what department they are in.

Bobbled Access Pegs are for use with some alternative types of Keytracker boards. These pegs have a bobble on the tip of the peg but are to be used in the same way as the flat end access peg. Please see the photographs below for your reference.

If you are unsure of which kind of access pegs you require, rest assured that we cross reference every order, to ensure that they are the correct type for your board, before it is processed.

The Keytracker Mechanical Pegboards are originally supplied with a set amount of access pegs. To find more information about the Mechanical Pegboards and other key control solutions, please go to the 'Mechanical Key Systems'. Additionally, Retention Pegs and other Accessories can be found in 'Consumables'.