Bobbled End Access Pegs

Access pegs are issued to staff members to unlock the key or key bunch required from Keytracker's Mechanical Peg in- Peg out board.

Bobbled Access Pegs are for use with some alternative types of Keytracker boards. These pegs have a bobble on the tip of the peg but are to be used in the same way as the flat end access peg.

Ideally engraved with the staff members initials for quick and easy reference, however, these can be engraved with any combination, either alpha or numeric, up to a maximum of 3 digits.

To release the keys, the peg is inserted into the port hole on the right hand side and turned anti-clockwise to unlock the complete key bunch and key retaining peg. The access peg will then be locked into the board and cannot be removed until the key retaining peg/key bunch is returned and locked back in.

The Keytracker Mechanical Pegboards are originally supplied with a set amount of access pegs.
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