Keytracker Cabinets

The Keytracker Cabinets are designed specifically to house the Pegboard Systems for additional security.

If the location of your board is in a secure area you may not need a cabinet, or if you are required to secure keys in a safe overnight, you can use a wall mount which allows the board to be situated in an area safely during the day and simply lifted off the wall mount and put in the safe overnight.

Our bespoke steel cabinets are designed specifically for use with the mechanical boards and the sizes vary dependant on the board height. The standard range will hold a board on the back of the door as well as in side therefore doubling the key capacity if required at a later date. The self-closing cabinets include four-point night shoot bolts for additional security overnight. All new mechanical cabinets are also fitted with a 14 push button code with manual key override option.

Due to the weight of the cabinets and the additional weight of the Pegboards and keys, we do recommend that they are fitted to a solid wall. However, if this is not possible we have a Cabinet Stand that offers further support. Additionally, we have the Cabinet Cupboard which provides support and useful storage for accessories such as Mirror Hangers and Anti Tamper Seals etc.