Keytracker’s mechanical ‘Peg in- Peg out’ boards can be made for up to 150 keys per board.

The board is made up of horizontal plastic tracks that can hold up to 5 key positions.
Each port hole holds a key position that is securely locked in by a ‘Retention Peg’ the Retention Peg and key can only released when an ‘Access Peg’ is inserted that is individual to each staff member. Only one peg can be locked in at a time, meaning either the keys themselves or the staff member’s access peg will be visible, making it easy at all times to know who has released the keys in question.

The stainless steel frame and ABS plastic mould tracks mean that your mechanical board will be safe outdoors and will last a lifetime. The pegboards are completely modular, making re-siting, or adding to, easy and hassle free.

All Mechanical Pegboard Systems come with a complete set of Retention Pegs, Seal Cutters and a number of Access Pegs.