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Big Motoring World
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Specification Sheets for Standard Cabinets

XXS 20    L 240
XS 40    XL 360
SV 80    XL 480
M 120    XXL 720
L 180    XXL 960

Specification Sheets for Wide Cabinets

XXS 10    L 120
XS 20    XL 180
SV 40    XL 240
M 60    XXL 360
L 90    XXL 480

Keytracker Electronic Plus System

The smart way to secure and monitor your keys without restricting users or using time-consuming processes for recording key usage. The unlocked positions are ideal for any organisation with keys open to all staff, such as Motor Dealerships and Estate Agencies

The cabinet uses a variety of access options including PIN code, fingerprint reader or card reader for secure access into the cabinet. Once the cabinet has been opened, all keys will be available for quick and easy removal or return.

The intelligent software application that supports the cabinet will automatically record all cabinet and key usage into an easy-to-use audit trail. The software is accessible on all smart devices, so you will always have a complete control of your cabinet at anytime, anywhere.

“While managing the security and accessibility of keys, the Keytracker system has increased sales, which of course is fantastic” - Mr Ruprah, Big Motoring World

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