Secure Management of Keys & Assets Belfast

Are you a business that could use secure management for your assets and/or keys in Belfast? Whether you’re a small business or a large operation with warehousing and single or multiple facilities in the Ireland, if you have assets and keys to keep track of, Keytracker Belfast have a solution for you!

How Keytracker Can Help You

Keytracker are manufacturers of high-quality mechanical and electronic key & asset control systems as well as cabinets. They have the worlds largest range of products to help your business keep track of all items, whatever the size and requirements. From high tech software to safety cabinets and simple peg-in, peg-out systems, keeping track of everything from keys to pallet trucks. Keytracker can help you. 

All Products

The Keytracker Range

Keytracker’s vast product range spans the whole spectrum, from cabinets and mechanical lockers to software systems and RFiD loss prevention systems. 

The huge range of self-closing commercial key cabinets come with 7-point locking, from simple secure cabinets to police approved or mirror fronted cabinets for higher levels of security. 


Keytracker also have software systems that can help with keeping track of all your assets whilst on the move. From key control software that keeps track of staff, assets, and important information, to RFiD Systems to aid in loss prevention! RFiD systems can be placed around the entire site, giving you trackability sitewide when you have large warehouses and assets that may be easily misplaced. 


Intelligent Lockers ensure your important information and assets are kept safe at all times. The range of business asset, personal item, and drop-off/collection lockers, means that the Keytracker range will include the right solution for you here too. 

Contact Keytracker Belfast

If you are looking for something that Keytracker can help with, contact us today on our Belfast number. One of the professional and friendly team will be delighted to work with you on your query immediately.

We are based near Birmingham but deliver all over the UK!

Please note that all products, software and services are proudly designed, manufactured, tested and installed by Keytracker’s own in-house U.K. employees.