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KeyTracker’s affordable range of electronic lockers provides smart, secure, and effective storage solutions, enabling organisations to improve processes or to extend service options for customers. Our range of intelligent lockers offers smart, secure, and effective storage solutions with optional charging & automated emails via patented software.

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FAQ - Intelligent Lockers

Intelligent Lockers are a form of self-service storage units that integrate digital technology to help provide a more secure and convenient storage for a variety of different items, including keys, personal belongings and more. You’ve likely seen them before (think of those phone charging stations!) in businesses, schools, and other organisations to provide a secure place for employees, students, or customers.

Most of KeyTrackers intelligent lockers are provided by iLockerz, ideal for pretty much every environment.

There’s plenty of different benefits regarding intelligent lockers, some of them include:

  • Security: Intelligent Lockers are designed to be as secure as possible, with some including features such as keypad entry, recorded transaction data for audit trails, and more to help meet the demands and concerns of modern living.
  • Convenience: Intelligent Lockers are available 24/7 (depending on location) – so belongings can be accessed whenever they’re needed. They’re also extremely easy to use to quickly store and / or retrieve your belongings!
  • Efficiency: Using an intelligent locker can aid in improving your organisation or business’ efficiency. Due to the reduction in the need for manual key management, and by providing a central location for all employee’s / students / whomever to store their belongings, you’re helping improve overall efficiency without breaking a sweat.

Intelligent Lockers can vary in price depending on what your business or organisation needs them for. The intelligent lockers can operate in various different modes, so depending on which mode (Business Asset Loans, Drop Off and Collection, Personal Item Storage) as well as the number of units will depend on the price. You can get in touch with the team today for a no-obligation quote, or book a demonstration if you’re still not sure.

Benefits of Investing in Intelligent Lockers

Invest in efficiency and security with KeyTracker’s Intelligent Lockers. These lockers are able to transform the ways in which businesses manage their assets, deliveries and secure storage. Still unsure of why to invest? Take a look at some of the benefits of intelligent lockers:

  • Enhanced Security: Traditional ockers can be vulnerable to theft or unauthorised access. Intelligent lockers from KeyTracker address these concerns with advanced access control such as PIN codes, access cards or other secure methods, as well as giving real-time tracking on the lockers with a detailed trail of access.
  • Streamlined Operations: Intelligent lockers from KeyTracker go beyond security. They offer automated management, eliminating the need for manual key management or locker assignments, giving the system complete control and freeing up staff time. They also allow for 24/7 availability and self-service convenience for end users. 
  • Improved Customer Experience: The level of convenience and security that intelligent lockers can offer businesses and end users is significantly improved with KeyTracker’s intelligent lockers. Customers have complete flexibility when using these lockers, with the intelligent systems being able to track all activity. 
  • Data-Driven Insights: Modern intelligent lockers can generate valuable data in order to better optimise locker allocation, improve security and streamline business workflow. 

Intelligent lockers are a great investment for businesses of all sizes, helping both businesses and end users to get results with ease. Start investing in your intelligent lockers with KeyTracker today.