We are a family business of currently around 50 staff, designing and manufacturing the world’s most advanced cabinets & systems that keep track of keys, tools, radios, scanners & equipment from our factory/offices in central U.K.

Our Products

Our product range is inclusive of 5 main products:

Mechanical Peg-In, Peg-Out Units

These units keep track of keys & equipment by attaching a numbered Retention Peg to the item or keys and requiring a users Peg to be inserted and locked to release the keys or equipment / the user’s peg cannot be retrieved until the item is returned - the users peg is coloured by department and numbered or initialled to that specific user.

The keys or items are sealed to the numbered peg.

A brilliant and simple board that guarantees all keys, padlocks or equipment are always exactly where they should be or in use by a specific authorised person.

Single key/ equipment units are used by all organisations that currently use hooks to store keys.

They are also used by customers such as Amazon to keep all pallet trucks, ladders and tools in their correct position until accessed by an authorised user and returned immediately on completion of that task.

Lock Out Tag Out's or LOTO (lockout, tagout) are also used by factory maintenance operations when locking off machinery for safe working.


Find out more about all of these Mechanical Systems from KeyTracker here today and enquire with our team about installation.



Electronic Key Cabinets

Options include:

A: Steel or polycarbonate door 

B: Individually locked or unlocked key positions (“locked” include a solenoid on every key set to release as instructed - “unlocked” also remembers users, but any keys may be removed by all that have cabinet access.

C: Static or Dynamic layout -

  • Static = numbered key positions with numbered key fobs (most popular)
  • Dynamic = no numbers so all keys may be returned anywhere but must be searched for in the software when required (used when keys may travel between different cabinets)
  • All key fobs include individual Radio Frequency IDentification chips

D: Cabinet sizes: 20, 50, 100 or 200 - all cabinets may be linked or part filled to accommodate any number of keys.

 E: Coloured LED’s above every key position for fast identification of return or available key positions.

  • As a price indication 50-100 cabinet with polycarbonate door, individually locked key positions in a static (numbered) layout.

Ex-factory KeyTracker price around £8-10000

Software modules may be used as required.

Including pre booking, input mileage, vehicle condition, off site handover record, service due date always on show, LED colour setup.

Key & Asset Control Software

This replaces the old sign out book for keys, tool’s & equipment. Simply scan the barcode attached to the keys or item and input the users name & mobile telephone number.

Used by hospitals to keep track of walking frames, estate agents to keep a record of all keys issued to contractors, councils to keep a recorded track of all items, etc

This software has many adaptions for different industries and can be further adapted to keep a record of anything anywhere. All cloud hosting is included, and the low price per month only increases if substantially more items are added - will handle 50 to 50000 items per license.

Free trials can be quickly set up by email for this.



RFID tag option for all sizes.

LILO (last in last out) option to ensure the most charged item is always issued.

Guaranteed charging option pops open locker until unit is put on charge.

Damage recording with auto emailing to repairers to ensure continuity of use.

Out of hours key drop off and collection lockers for service centres may be outdoors.

This RFID technology can also be used with the KeyTracker Gateway, recording all items travelling through and the users that took or returned them.

Commercial Key Cabinets

Self closing with push button daytime lock and multi-point key locks for out of hours security - optional upgrade to the worlds only police approved commercial key cabinets with drill-proof locks and reenforced hardened steel parts, if required - will hold 25 to 600 sets of keys on key hook panels or peg-in, peg-out KeyTracker boards (lift-out if required).

Intelligent Lockers

For storage or issuing of electronic or valuable devices. Options include: charging, polycarbonate or solid doors, any number of compartments, usually in multiples of 4, 10 or 20 - various sizes from phones, scanners, and laptops to 1mx1m for generator or power tool distribution. Lockers available for personal storage items as well. 

Some of the main reasons customers choose a KeyTracker product:

Improved efficiencies across all departments: find keys & equipment quickly as it is always exactly where it should be, or it is clear who has it and why - never spend time looking for keys or equipment again, even for a few minutes.

Maximum utilisation: make more use of less kit, saving on initial purchase and maintenance of “excess” equipment.

Information is king: always know the history of every item and it’s users.

Management Culpability: eliminate the chance of blame for others’ (sometimes fatal) mistakes.