Partner Options

Have you ever considered working with us at Keytracker? Are you a potential reseller, agent, or distributor? We have some exciting partner opportunities available….

Let us tell you more…..

Keytracker's business model gives you access to brilliant market-leading products with regular consumable accessories and good margins.

Our typical end user is a business or department that may be of any size or type.

Established in 1996, Keytracker is the UK’s most prominent manufacturer of both mechanical and electronic key and asset management systems, as well as software to keep track of all items in the workplace.

Proud to produce the largest range in the world, Keytracker systems significantly reduce the amount of time spent managing keys and assets across every type of operation, whilst providing quick and easy access for authorised personnel, streamlining time management, improving security and efficiency. Keytracker systems also ensure that keys and assets are perfectly organised at all times.

Continually working hard to create systems of all sizes that are completely suited to customers’ individual needs, we regularly develop new & innovative products to match our client's specific requirements.

Offering the widest range of products available ensures that you can always resolve your customer's needs in terms of key and asset security, at the best possible value for money. Don’t just take our word for it, read some of our customer reviews.

Keytracker customers know that key and asset security is incredibly important for any business and in order to accommodate every business budget we offer a unique flexible rental option on all items, as well as outright purchases. This ensures that any business can increase security and manage its keys and assets with a Keytracker product, no matter how big or small the company, or the budget, may be.

Partnering With Keytracker

Keytracker partners may choose to handle only their preferred products, areas, or sectors.

These may be geographic or vertical such as Liverpool or hospitals, etc.

Partner Options Include:


Simply find the potential customers with their broad requirements and pass it to Keytracker head office. We will then liaise directly, supplying all the information and quotations to allow the client to make a fully informed decision. You will make 5% dependent on contract and order value.


As an introducer but with more involvement both during and after the sales process, including being the client’s first point of contact and the “face” of Keytracker providing a more personal approach. You will make between 2.5% and 10% depending on the contract and order value.


This can take many forms, depending on your preferred business model. Tell us where Keytracker would “ideally fit” into your business model and vision so we can both work out an agreement that allows you to make good margins, directly related to your input or customer base.


Completely separate business with no upper or lower volumes or limits. Allowing you to buy and sell products using your own pricing, rental, or leasing arrangements. Own branding is encouraged, with full use of Keytracker technical support and optional direct customer contact using your company name. Margins are generally around 30% on mechanical products but can vary from 2-50% depending on products, stock held, payment terms, contract and support required.


A distributor has the same role as a reseller; you are able to buy and sell products and have the full technical support from Keytracker however, you must use the Keytracker branding and price list. Margins are generally around 30% on mechanical products but can vary from 2-50% depending on products, stock held, payment terms, contract and support required.


You may choose to only install Keytracker products on behalf of us or our partners both in the UK or worldwide. You choose the geographic area and advise us of the level of your expertise (hardware only, software, networking, cloud, etc) and we will train & work with you accordingly.

The upfront cost is £395 to cover the mechanical demo kit with ongoing training and support.

We are proud that all innovative Keytracker products are UK designed, manufactured, programmed, and maintained by our own dedicated full-time employees.

Should you have any additional queries about any of the Keytracker products please contact the team online at any time or create an account with us today. 

We look forward to working with you.

Product options include:

Key cabinets

Self-closing secure commercial steel cabinets with push-button combination day locks and multi-point keyed night locks. To work with these cabinets, we offer steel shake-proof key hook panels in a variety of sizes, dependent upon the size of your cabinet; sizes range from 25 keys up to 200.

The only Police approved heavy duty attack-proof self-closing secure commercial steel key cabinets, with push-button combination day locks and drill-proof multi-point keyed night locks.

Mechanical Systems Peg Board Sizes

Single units are used for tools, ladders, or equipment, ensuring the item or key set is always locked into its correct numbered position, or it is clear which individual has it because their initialled and department-coloured peg is in its place and cannot be removed.

The keys or items are permanently attached to an anti-tamper seal, preventing individual theft when in use. Keytracker has a number of sizes available in anti-tamper seals to suit all requirements.

ecos key cabinet systems various sizes

The most advanced electronic key cabinets, giving fast-recorded access to authorised staff, sending automatic reports and emails.

The e-Track systems are designed to not only give a visually pleasing aesthetic but to work perfectly in line with your specific site requirements. They are easy-to-use systems that are fast and efficient; Keytracker looks to bring continuous improvements to these systems as well via over-the-air software updates.

Available in a range of sizes, there is a solution that suits your business.

ECO Electronic KeyLockerz black locker

The most intelligent lockers with switchable software that will securely issue, store, receive or keep track of any number or size of items 24/7.

Our range of intelligent lockers ensures that your assets are kept safe throughout the day, some even offering the option for charging whilst locked away! With the use of patented technology, these lockers can also send out automated emails if required.

Whether you need the lockers for personal storage, business assets or as a drop-off and collection locker, there is the right option available; each offering the right locker sizes for the job.

electronic key system

Sign out cloud-based intelligent software that will keep track of all items worldwide.

Keytracker's Key & Asset Control Software allows you to add staff, assets and important information into one database that is accessible across all logged-in devices. Whether you are at home, in the office or away on holiday, you can access the software and track your assets at all times.

The software allows you to generate reports so that you can be sure to keep a record of everything both online and offline.

For more information regarding our Key Control Software and the pricing per month, get in touch with our team today.

Retention Pegs

Keytracker's range of accessories for mechanical systems, electronic systems and loss prevention solutions includes:

  • Magnetic number blocks in 6 colours
  • Numbered plastic key tags and matching mounting boards.
  • Numbered mirror hangers in 10 colours, personalised to the business.
  • Security seals of many types and sizes are removed when the keys or items are finally sold.
  • Engraved initialled access pegs in 15 colours
  • Engraved numbered white retaining pegs.
  • Electronic key system RFID pegs, engraved.
  • RFiD Signal Blokcing Pouch