Key Cabinets

Securely Organise Keys or Equipment

Keytracker’s Steel Key Cabinets are available in four sizes, each one will hold a maximum of two Mechanical Key Systems or Hook Panels. Choose yours depending on your budget, the number of keys & desired level of security.

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FAQ - Key Cabinets

There’s plenty of benefits to using a safe or cabinet to store your organisation or business’ keys. A few examples:

  • Security: There’s a high level of security when it comes to cabinets and safes. As they’re designed to prevent any unauthorized access, they can be locked with a combination or a key depending on what you’re looking for.
  • Organisation: Cabinets and safes help you keep everything organised with your keys. With some featuring compartments and slots, you can store your keys in a way that makes sense for you.
  • Durability: Keytracker’s cabinets and safes are built to last. Since they’re made with durable metals, they can withstand everyday wear and tear, alongside the standard security applications sturdy cabinets / safes can provide for you.

There’s many different types of cabinets and safes available at Keytracker. Each has its own unique features and benefits, some of our products include:

  • Glass Front Cabinets – These secure key cabinets come with a glass front to give you a clear overview of your cabinet’s internals. It also features a heavy duty self-closing door hinge and comes in a smart neutral powder coating that can be in any chosen colour. It comes with internal channels for simple board or panel fitting / removal.
  • Mirrored Front Cabinets – Some may prefer a cabinet with a mirrored front. This works the same as any other, however it not only gives you a tidier look but can give you extra security, to keep an eye on anyone behind you possibly noting down the code you’ve punched in.
  • Police Approved Secure Cabinets – The Police Approved Secure cabinets are our high-security key cabinets, supplied with reinforced stainless steel at all entry points as well as top and bottom armoured security locks, which have a reinforced case. They are also the ONLY Police Approved Cabinets out there!
  • Household Domestic Key Cabinets – Looking for something to secure items for a property that’s less commercial, more homely? Our Household Domestic Key Cabinets can keep your keys & valuables tidy and secured thanks to a PIN access system, RFID-blocking pouches to stop car key signals, anti-tamper key seals to keep bunches locked together, and much more!

If you’re looking to choose a cabinet or safe, it’s important you consider the specific needs and requirements you have. Here’s a few important factors to consider if you haven’t done already:

  • The number of keys you need to secure. The size you need, and the choice of cabinet will be dependent on how many keys (or valuables) you need to secure.
  • The level of security you’re looking for. If you need a higher level of security, you’re going to want to pick something like the Mirrored Front Cabinet or the Police Approved Secure Cabinet.
  • The budget you’re working with. Before you chose a secure cabinet or safe, be aware they can vary in price depending on the solution you’re looking for. Make sure to choose one safely within your budget.