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The Smart Digital Locker

DigiLockerz digital storage lockers for key drop off/collection

With the risk of loss or theft, health & safety issues and finding access to safe and protected storage points, our small item lockers have been specifically designed to help overcome these issues and provide a secure, easy and safe solution for key drop-off and collection.

The digital keypad locks fitted to each door have a shared-use function, where a single-use code can be used to lock and unlock keys securely inside, which allows you to create a contactless key drop off and collection solution.

These systems enable organisations to remove human interaction, expand their out-of-hours key storage needs and reduce waiting times to improve both staff and customer experiences.

As well as small item lockers for keys and phones, DigiLockerz Digital Storage Lockers are also available as modular cubes, for storing and charging laptops or other devices, and larger personal items; suitable for use in leisure environments, educational institutions, workplaces and many other settings.

​Installation and set-up is available, with training for managers and employees to ensure they are integrated into existing systems effectively to offer an enhanced user experience from installation.

​All locker units come with a 2-year warranty all metal lockers come treated with ActiveCoat Technology as standard to ensure a cleaner, safer locker to protect against bacteria and other pathogens.

Rental available for DigiLockerz Digital Storage Lockers from £7.25+VAT per week.

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Our 8-door digital storage locker towers are fully portable as a single unit and can be placed in any location that best suits individual requirements.

Alternatively, units can be hung on walls, fitted on top of each other or side-to-side along with additional towers.

These simple, smart and secure storage solutions are low cost and affordable, boasting versatility in applications.

Options include ready-to-ship metal or laminate lockers with two types of lock configurations, keypad or RFID-operated.

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