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Way of Life Gillingham lays the foundations for renters to make a home. With ready-to-move-in accommodation, no-fuss tenancy management, and an in-house team there when you need them, they are striving to fulfil their purpose: to create’ a sense of belonging’. They keep customer service at the forefront as they design and build healthier and happier homes for their residents and neighbours.


Before introducing KeyTracker, Way of Life (WOL) Gillingham had a basic key management process of a simple safe with key hooks. The company’s previous system didn’t account for keys being lost or misplaced, which would often cause frustration among the team when they were forced to waste time searching for missing keys. WOL wanted a process that would keep their property keys secure and allow them to have complete control over their usage.


To solve this issue, WOL contacted KeyTracker and enquired about a key management system to keep their keys secure. The company also wanted to prevent their keys from being misplaced or stolen. KeyTracker supplied the company with an Electronic Key Cabinet with its own web-based software. Since implementing this solution, they can now fully monitor their keys. They can also easily and quickly check to see if all keys are present at the end of the day. WOL can now identify which users have used the keys throughout the day. They can feel content knowing that the system has a built-in alarm for when the cabinet door has been left open, or the key was placed in the wrong position.

“The best thing about the system is being able to monitor keys. On average, we save 10 minutes every day. I was not present during the installation. However, the support and communication from Lisa have been fantastic. To potential customers interested in a KeyTracker system – Do it!”

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