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All Wales Ambulance Service, also known as AWAS Ltd, is a provider of a broad range of services, including Private Medical Transport, Event Medical Solutions and corporate Training Courses in First Aid, Health & Safety, Manual Handling and Health & Social Care. They’ve been providing great ambulance services for over 20 years and are continually developing.


AWAS Ltd wanted a new key system because their previous one caused nothing but confusion and frustration. Their unorganised system created situations such as, people taking the ambulance keys home instead of returning it to their key safe. Their old system was just a very basic key safe with multiple hooks, but it had nothing that allowed the employees to track or monitor the keys. This isn’t the most ideal situation because if people forget to return the keys, then in the case of an emergency, they will have very limited vehicles.


They now have one of Keytracker’s systems, which has given the company not only added security for the ambulance keys, but it has also prevented staff members from taking ambulance keys home. The way that the system works is that staff must place their own car key in the board in order to gain access to ambulance keys. When they return, they are unable to gain access to their own car key without placing the ambulance keys back.

“Some benefits of the Keytracker’s system are having access to staff keys, in case of an emergency, Staff knowing that their keys are safe and can’t be lost during shift and a reduced cost of vehicles being put off-shift if keys are not present. Keytracker are absolutely amazing, professional, personal and exactly as advertised!”

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