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Coventry City Council Passenger Transport Services department provides transportation options to more than 500 people per day in the region. Services include social care transport, home to school transport for children and young people with special educational needs, personalised transport for those with mobility issues, linen services for those cared for and medical collection and delivery services.


With more than 250,000 trips per year managing keys to the variety of vehicles that are used to provide these excellent transportation services can be a challenge.

Coventry City Council were using a paper based system for recording the use of vehicles and driver or escort shifts, the issues this presented included potential for inaccurate records, time spent chasing up vehicle key whereabouts and the risk of losing data, and also time consuming overtime calculations.


Coventry City Council implemented Keytracker’s in house developed Key Control Software which allows users to digitally record all key movements from any location, on any device.

The software was developed to be personalised to Coventry City Council and the Passenger Transport Management team use the system to track and manage vehicles for the purposes of maintenance and the driver and escort working hours to ensure that the correct hours are calculated and enhance the safety of employees.

Jeremy Barnes, passenger transport supervisor at Coventry City Council said:
“The system has saved the team time recording and locating vehicle keys in the fleet, it has also made the reporting process we follow more accurate especially in the calculations of staff overtime claims.

“By using the Keytracker software, we can find the status of a vehicle at any time and from any location, this means we operate more effectively and therefore provide a better service to our customers. The service from Keytracker has been excellent, when we have needed assistance it has been quick and professional, we would recommend to anyone.”

The system is so simple to use but provides so many benefits I would recommend it to anyone and the before and after sales service has been very impressive, a pleasure to deal with.”

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