Beechwood College

Beechwood College is an academic institution for young adults who suffer Autistic Spectrum Disorders. The inspiring college ensures that their students are supported to access transferable, meaningful learning opportunities in a way that takes account of their unique learning style and the impact their ASD has upon them.  Their multidisciplinary team of psychologists, education specialists and care providers have done an amazing job in helping their students to increase their confidence, knowledge, and self-esteem.


Beechwood college are a loyal Keytracker customer as they have had the mechanical key system operating in their workplace for many years. The ease of use and smooth operation that the mechanical system brought to their establishment, encouraged them to implement additional systems in place to continue the ease of use for their 200 members of staff that require access and alarms.


After consulting with a member from Keytracker’s sales team, they followed through with purchasing an additional system as well as colour coded pegs for each unit with different sized cabinets to meet the company’s needs. The different qualities especially the ease of use is extremely beneficial for Beechwood College as all they needed was a secure system that was quick and easy for all of their staff to use.

“We have always used Keytracker, and the ease of use is beneficial to our company. The staff are prompt in replying to any emails and enquiries that we have which includes speaking to them personally and not dealing with an automated system. All queries are dealt with immediately and efficiently with a courteous member of staff to speak to.”

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