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BioCity Nottingham is a bioscience park based in Central Nottingham, United Kingdom. They are the UK’s largest bioscience innovation and incubator centre and were founded in 2002 when the concept of a business incubator offering 360° support, within a self-contained campus, was unheard of. If you’re looking for labs or offices to rent, business coaching or investment then naturally, BioCity is the business to get in touch with.


The innovative bioscience park based in Nottingham, decided that it was time for a change when it came to their key management system. They wanted to be able to keep track of all their keys in a more efficient way and without the hassle of having to take out a pen and paper each time someone needed a key.


Before Keytracker, BioCity were using a very simple yet time-consuming method of processing their keys. They were using a very old-fashioned process of signing keys in and out on paper. Apart from being outdated, this system was very unreliable and carried risk factors such as the paper could get lost and damaged or people could forget to sign a key in and out, which would only lead to a lot of confusion and stress.


Biocity decided that they needed a completely new and more advanced system that would allow them to track and monitor what keys are going out, with ease. After getting in touch with Keytracker, it was advised that BioCity should consider using one of the mechanical systems. The Peg-in, Peg-out board has given the company a completely improved system that allows them to identify which keys are in use and if any keys are missing. The time that was previously spent searching for missing keys is cut down tremendously, therefore eliminating unnecessary stress and allowing the company to focus on actual scientific matters as opposed to focusing on where each key is.

“The Keytracker system pinpoints any missing keys, saves time and saves stress. Our journey with Keytracker has been excellent and the solution is worth the initial investment. Thank you for actioning our order so swiftly”

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