Cranswick Country Foods

Cranswick Plc was established in 1975 where the business found success after success in aiming to feed the nation with authentically made, sustainably produced food. In 2019, the company opened Cranswick Country Foods, fresh poultry’s site which has significantly benefited their customers as they were able to increase their production. Inside the factory, they have the very latest technology, and it is the most advanced site in Europe with the fastest processing line.


Cranswick Country foods, found that even though they had a key cabinet it wasn’t providing them with the type of reassurance that they wanted, to expand on this, when one of their tools would go missing, they were unable to track it down. They would be forced to replace the missing items which ended up costing them a lot of money. So, to put a stop to this time-consuming costly habit, they decided they needed a change.


The business spoke to a sales team member from Keytracker and after discussing all the issues that they were having; they were advised to get an individual mechanical system, also known as a T1 system, for their tools. The T1 has allowed the business to monitor who has what tool and it’s just an added layer of security which every company needs.

“I would say that you need to install this system as it does everything you could wish for and in my line of work it looks so good for audits. There are no issues of tools going missing, auditors like it because it shows good tool control, and it saves money on replacing tools. I just think the system and the service is perfect, can’t fault them at all.”

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