Transport for Wales

Transport for Wales (TfW) have invested in new handheld contactless ticketing systems for use on trains across the network. To safely secure these valuable devices and meet Card Payment Industry regulations (CPI), TfW contacted KeyTracker for a solution.


Transport for Wales (formerly Arriva Trains Wales) operate on a network stretching countrywide from Anglesey to Cardiff, many stations are in remote locations or are unmanned. Stations that are manned have operating hours meaning that outside of these hours’ conductors cannot access the equipment needed in a secure and auditable way.

There were additional factors with conductors taking their breaks and having to carry valuable equipment with them and the issue of equipment reliability, with handheld devices needing regular charging.

Finally, by using the card payment machines Arriva had to comply with CPI regulations, although no data is stored on the devices they still have the capability to recieve payment and could be a risk in the wrong hands.


KeyTracker worked with TfW to understand the challenges and requirements they had and provided a mobile device KT Lockers system with built-in bespoke software to allow connection and return configurations as well as bring your own devices while staff are taking breaks.


The system was successfully piloted at Treherbert Station, prompting a further 8 systems being ordered and deployed across the network.

Ian Hughes, Senior Conductor Manager, at Transport for Wales said:

“Our new ticket vending machines bring us up to date with the latest technology in the industry and protecting this equipment and complying with industry regulations is paramount to us.

“By rolling out the KT Locker systems across multiple stations we can ensure the safety, security and importantly reliability of these valuable pieces of equipment. The pilot was extremely successful and proved to not only meet our requirements, but exceeded them with bespoke software and reporting functions. It’s great to know that we have invested in a system that can develop and as our requirements change, the system is ready to grow with us.”

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