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The inspiring and outstanding children’s care home, White Orchid Care was established in 2013. White Orchid Care set out to create a care home for kids where they would have a safe and nurturing atmosphere to receive specialist care and therapy. In 2015, they opened their second home which has continued to operate by the organisation’s ethos. They’ve made a point of taking in any child regardless of their experiences or background to ensure that they have access to the best opportunities that life has to offer.


White Orchid Care has done a fantastic job with keeping their vulnerable kids safe; however, this wasn’t the situation for their keys. After not having any type of management system in place, their important keys would often get misplaced or even lost. Due to having many cars to transport kids and staff around in, it was important that they had a system that not only kept their keys safe but also made them easy to locate.


The company told Keytracker about their key management issues and a member from Keytracker’s sales team recommended their mechanical system to them. The system gave them that added security and the ability to quickly locate the keys and know who has them. White Orchid Care has around 30 staff using the system and it has proved to be quick and efficient for all of them.

“We find Keytracker a safe and quick system; keys are easily available, and we are able to track who has the keys. We no longer lose keys; we know who has them and where they are and the keys are kept in one place, safe. Keytracker have always been very helpful and if we need extra equipment Keytracker are very efficient in sending us the equipment we need.”

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