Arden Maidstone BMW

Arden Maidstone is a privately-owned dealership in Maidstone, Kent. Their BMW range is boasting with many different models, proving to be a worthy competitor for similar dealerships. Since being in business, the esteemed dealership has provided an amazing range of impressive vehicles while also providing excellent customer service. The company continues to make it easier for their customers to choose their dream BMW, from their impressive vehicle range to their great finance and leasing plans.


The prestige dealership thrives when it comes to their business management, however they needed a bit of assistance when it came to their key management. Before being introduced to Keytracker they were using a system that carried many flaws, one being that it made it harder for the staff to keep things organised.


Disorganisation, unprofessional, poor quality and time consumption are just a few of the disturbances that the company came across when Arden Maidstone was using their old system. They set up a process of writing on a little brown tag to manage their key system, however this eventually proved to be impractical and very difficult to monitor. This realisation pushed the company to speak with Keytracker.


Arden Maiden spoke with a member of Keytracker’s sales team, where they discussed what the company’s desires and requirements for a manageable key system were and fortunately, Keytracker were able to come up with a perfect solution for them. They decided on one of the electronic key systems and felt that the Electronic Key Management would be a great fit.

Since installing the system, their key management has been a lot more organised and professional as they can now maintain and monitor the keys efficiently. So far, the system has provided the company with excellent service as well as great quality.

“The system makes things a lot more organised, and process driven as we can control it. It is used by our 50+ staff and Keytracker has improved our day-to-day operations as it is great quality, excellent service and has a great range of products. The best thing about Keytracker are the lovely people we have arranging our orders.”

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