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Bell Truck and Van is the franchised Mercedes-Benz dealer across the North-East of England. The company specialises in both new and used Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicles and pride themselves in offering great customer service, covering all needs for servicing, repairs and trade parts.


Bell Truck and Van – the well renowned Mercedes-Benz dealer that have an established expertise in selling both new and used Mercedes-Benz vehicles, made the decision to move away from their old processes and contact Keytracker to see how they could improve their current key management system.


Before being introduced to the Keytracker system they were using an open keyboard which was nowhere near as secure and therefore came with many risks. The idea of so many risk factors within their well-established business was a huge cause of concern which led to Bell Truck and Van coming over to Keytracker for help as they sought after a more secure and up-to-date system for their keys.


After gaining an understanding of Bell Truck and Van’s previous management system and what they expected from Keytracker, a mechanical system was the provided. Keytracker Peg-in, Peg-out boards are a great fit for the company as they provide a secure, fast access method for managing their keys. Bell Truck and Van have identified that using ID Pegs to release the keys have proven to be very efficient and are a great feature in comparison to their last system as they can now monitor what keys have been taken out and by who. This allows Bell Truck and Van to continue providing their customers with their amazing services without the disturbance and concerns of misplaced or unsecured keys.

 “The Keytracker system has helped us to save time when looking for keys, the keys are safe and secure, and our keys are now all in order. Keytracker are awesome to deal with as they are very friendly and knowledgeable. Go with Keytracker every time!”

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