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Western & Barnett’s Nissan is Scotland’s leading Nissan dealer as they provide local sales and service all over Scotland. With a great range of brand-new, second-hand, automatic, and manual vehicles, there’s something for everyone. In addition to the cars themselves, they also offer a full range of Nissan parts and accessories to support owners, so they won’t struggle to find specific Nissan car parts. Whatever your Nissan needs, they encourage you to put them to the test and find out why their valued, loyal customers keep choosing Western and Barnetts Nissan.


As a car dealership, Western Nissan recognised how important it is to keep all keys and assets safe. Their previous system didn’t give them as much security as they would’ve hoped which persuaded the team to go with an alternative option. Making the decision to switch to Keytracker’s system came along after a lot of confusion and frustration in regard to who had what keys.


After speaking to a sales team member from Keytracker, Western Nissan purchased a mechanical system as their key management solution. The system has helped the car dealership with customer tracking as it enforces strong communication between their service team and workshop regarding any information that’s required. It’s a huge relief for the company to know that all of its keys are safe and secure within Keytracker’s mechanical system.

“The Keytracker system is perfect for the needs of the business ensuring our product is in safe hands and it’s a quality tool adding to our business’s efficiency. From discovery to installation and aftersales our experience with Keytracker has been seamless, efficient, and helpful. The Keytracker system is one of the most time-saving and easiest system to use and install.”

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