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The automotive dealership, Car Planet, buy and sell used cars and always put your needs first. Their quick purchasing process allows for customers to select their preferred vehicle, go through the payment process and pick up their car within 48 hours with complete ease. Car Planet has built up an amazing reputation as they focus on providing the best service that they possibly can. There thorough with checking the points of cars, making sure they’re suitable for the road. They also allow online purchasing, and they’ll drop the car off to you for your convenience.


Before being introduced to their Keytracker system, they had a regular safe to store all of their keys. This safe didn’t have any type of tracking system built in, therefore, monitoring keys was very difficult especially when keys would go missing. Car Planet was losing track of who took what key and even labelled their previous process as an “operational nightmare” due to the disorderly system.


Car Planet, got into contact with a sales team member from Keytracker and after a bit of deliberation, decided to purchase Keytracker’s mechanical system, the Peg-in, Peg-out Board. This system has allowed them to keep track of which staff member has taken out which set of keys as the company has personalised access pegs. Another benefit that Car Planet is experiencing is that they only asked for a limited amount of access pegs therefore there’s a limit to how many keys staff members can take out, which eliminates any confusion or frustration.

“The best thing about the Keytracker system is I know where my keys are and can easily identify who’s accidentally taken the keys home at end of day. My business with Keytracker was a good experience with a very responsive sales team. Get it!”

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