Banner Chemicals

Founded in 1860, Banner Chemicals supplies various market sectors with an extensive range of solvents and specialty chemicals. With a large client base, Banner provides its Principals with vast market exposure. The key to its ethos is the close partnership it embraces with its customers and the world-class chemical producers it represents.


Before being introduced to Keytracker, Banner Chemicals’ key management process consisted of just a key safe with hooks. The company labelled it a “very poor key safe,” indicating it wasn’t very secure. This key management system didn’t allow the company to control who could use each key and allowed keys to be frequently misplaced.


After contacting Keytracker, Banner Chemicals decided to purchase a mechanical system with a standard secure key cabinet. This has allowed them to monitor the usage of each key due to the level of security and the introduction of personalised pegs. The pegs provide a visual of who has what key, therefore implementing accountability among the group.

“Since the system has been in place, we have not had one lost or none returned key. Prior to this, lost keys/none returned was an issue. It’s a very secure and simple system that does the job and we have total traceability while running a sign in and out log alongside the keytracker system. The business journey with Keytracker has been very helpful and professional.”

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