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Humphries & Parks has been a well-known name in Kent for nearly 75 years, starting from a small high street shop in Wadhurst and now operating from a purpose-built 3-acre site in West Malling. The Humphries & Parks team’s esteemed knowledge of “Electrical and hybrid vehicle sale and repair” earned the company an EVA accreditation by the Office for Low Emission Vehicles. They are only one of 100 UK businesses that have achieved this accreditation.


Before introducing KeyTracker’s key management solution into the company, Humphries & Parks’ key management process consisted of placing their keys into a cupboard, which wasn’t very secure. It also didn’t promote any way of tracing the whereabouts of the keys once they left the cupboard. There was also no accurate way of identifying who was always in the possession of the keys.


The company contacted KeyTracker and purchased a more efficient mechanical key management solution to help with the security and traceability of their keys. Their new solution has allowed them to view each user at a glance via the personalised access pegs, indicating who has what key at what time. The system has saved their team a tremendous amount of time when looking for keys as they are all located in an organised and easily accessible place for all authorised users.

“The business journey with KeyTracker has been entirely satisfactory. The best thing about KeyTracker’s system is that we know where our keys are if they’re not on the board. The system saves time and uses less space, and contractors are now more careful with our keys. Buy it!”

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