In 1970, McLaughlin; founder of the iMotors motor dealership, created a powerful community spirit immersed in human loyalty, which is currently run by his two sons. Priding themselves on consistency, the automotive company continues develop and follow through with the values of honesty, bravery, trust, and innovation. They have always been a fearless generation that moved with the times and promised to continue to do so.


Before introducing Keytracker, iMotors had a basic key management process: placing their keys onto a standard key hook panel. This process was swift and easy, but they didn’t keep their keys secure or organised. Due to the insecurity of this system, it was very easy for keys to be misplaced, taken home, or removed by an unauthorised person. In addition, the lack of organisation elongated the key retrieval process, making it harder to see what keys were unavailable at that particular time.


iMotors contacted Keytracker for more information on the solutions and decided to purchase the mechanical peg-in, peg-out board. The system solved their disorganisation problem by creating a designated location for all keys and providing an immediate visual of them and their current user. The system secures all the keys as they cannot be removed without using an access peg, and they are only distributed to authorised users. Additionally, the board enforces accountability among the group as the access pegs are all personalised, allowing for quick and easy recognition of who has what key.

“Keytracker are always very efficient, and extremely quick to respond to any of my queries. Aftersales always followed up if I ever needed anything more. I Highley recommended Simone from Keytracker team, she is always a pleasure to deal with. I would highly recommend Keytracker system, it has made the process of our team a lot more efficient and saves us time. We would like to bring this system into our service department soon.”

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