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Caterite Food & Wine is a delivery wholesaler aiming to supply the finest ingredients and produce to chefs by working directly with suppliers, growers, and producers throughout the UK and from around the world. Through close partnerships with their suppliers, they deliver on demand the highest quality of fresh, chilled, frozen, and dry ingredients to the best restaurants and hotels across the North of England and South West Scotland, creating menus and recipes that will excite the most demanding of tastes.


Before being introduced to Keytracker, Caterite Foods and Wine didn’t have a key management system; instead, they relied on hanging their keys up on wall hooks. This process didn’t give the company a sense of security as it was effortless for any individual to remove the key at any moment. This would cause confusion and frustration among the group as staff members would easily and frequently misplace keys, and there was no way of ensuring that only selected individuals could use the keys.


Caterite contacted Keytracker to learn more about our different key management solutions. They prioritised security, purchasing a mechanical system that prohibited unauthorised users from accessing the keys. The system provides all users with personalised access pegs, allowing everyone to get an immediate visual on who has what key and promoting accountability among the team. In addition to the previously mentioned benefits, the system is straightforward for all staff members.

“The best thing about Keytracker’s system is the security. The journey has always been great, communication has been very quick and efficient. Don’t scrimp on key security.”

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