Loomis International is the leading specialist for international valuables logistics solutions. Through a global network of Loomis branches, partners, leading suppliers, and agents, they offer comprehensive solutions to handle and transport primarily precious metals and foreign currencies worldwide.


Before being introduced to the Keytracker system, Loomis had a paper and pen process of signing keys in and out. This process was quick and straightforward but didn’t provide any sense of security. In addition to this, this simple process could result in people forgetting to return the keys or even signing them out in the first place, leading to confusion and frustration on the whereabouts of the desired keys.


To solve this pressing issue, Loomis contacted Keytracker and purchased a key management system to enhance the efficiency and security of their keys and assets. The system’s sleek design allows for quick and easy maintenance and monitoring. With Keytracker’s electronic company, the logistics company have been able to view what keys are being taken at what time and by whom, simplifying the process even more and enabling accountability among the staff.

“Fantastic service! It changes your security and makes life easier. Keep up the good work and thank you.”

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