Walters Motor Group

Since the establishment of Walters Motor Group over 40 years ago, the company has been successful in selling used cars and the offering important and necessary MOT’s and servicing. Located in Loddon, Norfolk, they have a team with a wealth of experience in servicing and maintaining all vehicles to the highest standards. They understand that no one likes the unexpected, which is why they provide clear communication and transparent pricing on of all their services. All of their cars are approved as standard, and the company offers more than just a good reputation.


The general manager of Walter’s Motor Group (WMG) had experienced Keytracker’s key management system in previous companies before and decided that it was something that WMG needed as well. The main reason they had for implementing a Keytracker system was that they would provide the best security for their stock cars. In addition to this, they will always know who has what key and they also save approximately 10-20 minutes each day now that they don’t have to spend time searching for keys.

“Every business I have worked for, used Keytracker. We now have one location for all keys, we always have safe and secure keys, and everyone understands how to use the system. I’m always happy with the service received.”

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