Albert Bartlett

Albert Bartlett is a family-owned business that has been operating for over 70 years as the UK’S leading supplier of fresh potatoes. Over the years, the company developed their product range and now also supplies produce from fresh vegetables to frozen goods, which are available to purchase at major retailing supermarket, Asda or on their very own Albert Bartlett website.


Before being introduced to Keytracker’s key & asset management systems, Albert Bartlett had nothing in place to monitor their keys or assets. The absence of a management system allowed for items to go missing or be misplaced by whoever used them last, which would cause a lot of frustration.


After speaking with a member of Keytracker’s sales team, Albert Bartlett decided to purchase a T1 system which is a single unit used to monitor the use of items. Since the purchase of their management system, they have been able to track the use of their company radios and Android tablets, as the personalised access pegs allow every staff member to see who is in possession of the items at that current time. The implementation of the system has enforced accountability among the staff members and has helped to prevent the items from going missing. Their items are now kept in a secure and organised space which has increased the company’s peace of mind about the whereabouts of the items at all times.

“I would recommend the system for the peace of mind and security that it brings. Our business journey with Keytracker was very smooth. They have been very friendly, they’re fast to respond and always very helpful.”

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