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Sinclair Volkswagen is an integral part of the Sinclair group and has been so since 1975. Since then, the Sinclair Group has added five more franchises to the portfolio. As a result, it has firmly established itself as the premier Volkswagen group in South Wales and one of the UK’s most prominent Volkswagen dealership groups. The company has been selling new and approved used Volkswagen vehicles and providing expert Volkswagen garage servicing and maintenance assistance to give their customers the best retail and customer service possible.


Sinclair Volkswagen in Swansea is the home of around 120 used but approved cars and often displays approximately 18 brand-new cars in their showroom. Selling over 1,800 cars a year and producing a turnover of over £ 1 million a week is impressive. Still, it means that they have many customers expecting excellent vehicles and excellent service. The company have to handle multiple sets of keys all at once, so they needed a quick and easy operation to manage and eliminate any stress caused by missing keys or assets. The dealership explained the need for a key management system as they often ran the risk of missing out on sales due to misplaced vehicle keys and having to accept the wasted time trying to locate keys as well as the unprofessionalism of interrupting staff to customer conversations to retrieve the keys. 


Sinclair Swansea Volkswagen contacted KeyTracker to find a key management solution and decided to go with the peg-in, peg-out board. However, after a while, they decided that they wanted a more in-depth solution where they could see who was accessing the keys at every given moment. The electronic system provided them with a 24-hour audit trail and allowed for complete customisable key access so they could decide which staff member could access which key. The system has improved their productivity as they no longer waste time searching for missing keys and can find out who has what within seconds.

“Pretty much all the sites use the system, with maybe only a few exceptions. It helps everyone with the ability to see who and when the keys were removed and a whole lot more! We no longer have any issues finding out culprits for parking/speeding fines etc.”

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