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The family-run business, Cofton Holidays, has been catering to Devon holiday lovers for over 40 years. Child-friendly holidays, fishing holidays or hot-tub holidays, it doesn’t matter what you’re looking for, Cofton Holidays will always put their best foot forwards as they plan your ideal holiday, from your lodgings to the activities they have available.


The only way Cofton Holidays can provide the best holiday service possible for their customers is if they have an organised business, from their booking process to their key system. The holiday park’s old key management system, where they placed the keys with numbered tags on in a box, stopped working for them for multiple reasons. This system became very messy and unorganised because the keys would be misplaced and were very loose. This was a huge issue as staff would have to spend time going through the box to find the key that they wanted, and it didn’t give the company that professional look that they were looking for.


After contacting KeyTracker, the business was advised to purchase the Peg-in, Peg-out board which would give the company the organisation and security that they were looking for. They are now able to give ownership to the different departments with the coloured pegs, so whenever a key’s missing, they know straight away who has it. In addition to this they’ve saved approximately an hour each day with KeyTracker’s key system.

“The keys are secure, well organised, the KeyTracker board looks well presented and mounts really well on to the wall and when the keys are removed, we know which department has taken them. If you store lots of keys, it’s a safe and productive way to run a business with. KeyTracker are a professional business that supplied a good functional system that saves money and time for any business.”

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