St John Ambulance

When St John Ambulance in the West Midlands identified a risk with the management of ambulance fleet keys, they contacted Keytracker for a solution.


With 22 vehicles on site that help the team provide care in the region, the fleet is vital to the charity’s daily operation.
Using unsecured key hooks to manage the keys to this fleet left the team at risk of theft, unauthorised drivers accessing vehicles and unreliable availability to first aid vehicles.


Keytracker worked alongside the St John Ambulance team to understand their requirements and challenges, and a solution was identified in the form of our Mechanical Key Management System.
This system allows each team member to be issued with an individual identification peg that provides access to the keys; the rest of the team can then at a glance identify who has the key to which vehicle.
The system cuts time wasted looking for keys and allows for keys to be secured when they are not required, allowing the St John Ambulance team to get on with the excellent work they do without the interruption of lost or misplaced keys.

Graham Cann, West Midlands regional fleet and resources manager said:
“We are very pleased with the new system, it provides 100% better key management, and is great to instantly identify who has which keys. They service we got from the Keytracker team was great, they were helpful and took the time to understand what we needed.”

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