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The University of Exeter has been changing people’s lives with education since 1851 as they combine world-class research with amazing student satisfaction, in the beautiful towns of Exeter and Cornwall. After being one of the very few universities to obtain both a Gold Award from TEF (Teaching Excellence Framework) and a place in the Russell Group, it’s become very evident that this university is achieving success in all areas as they focus on obtaining high performance.


Before being introduced to Keytracker’s system, they had a system of noting down the necessary information on an Excel spreadsheet along with posting a manual sign. This method no longer suited the academic institute as they wanted a physical system that was easy to use, secure and of high quality. Their previous system wouldn’t allow them to identify missing keys in a short amount of time nor would it require employees to take accountability for their keys.


After voicing their problems and concerns to a Keytracker sales team member, it was suggested that the organisation purchases a mechanical system. The University of Exeter took all the benefits of a mechanical system into consideration and made its purchase. Ever since the system was installed, they were impressed by the features of the product as it fits their requirements perfectly. They now have a fit-for-purpose system that allows them to monitor what keys are going in and out of the system and by which member of staff, so they now must take accountability for their keys, as well as having access and retention pegs which gives the institute that great sense of security.

“The main reason for implementing a Keytracker system was so we could have a fit-for-purpose system that can be interrogated at different levels and the Keytracker system can also be used for auditing and provides quality assurance. It will give us a sense of security that it is part of a building block to key and asset security and from my experience, the system is not only visually attractive but easy to use and is interactive.”

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