Way of Life Croydon


Way of Life in Croydon did not have secure monitoring systems or processes in place for the storage and distribution of their keys, meaning they did not have a trusted record, for health & safety or management, of who had used the keys and could not quickly monitor who has the keys now.

They needed a secure and easy to use distribution system for their keys that would work without concierges in all buildings at all times and viewable with control, by off-site building managers.


Way of Life researched the market and contacted Keytracker to put a secure key management system in place.

Way of Life needed multiple fast access to authorised keys, whilst ensuring security, improving efficiency and providing accurate reports.After consultation with the Keytracker team an intelligent electronic Key Management system was chosen.

The introduction of a Keytracker Secure Intelligent Key System means they are quickly able to monitor & control who accesses the keys in the system, ensuring that keys never go missing, even for a few minutes.

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