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OnPoint is a logistics firm, transporting goods and materials for multiple businesses and many successful companies. From transporting products for automotive companies such as Bentley and JLR to transporting for companies such as BT, Virgin Media, and Fujitsu. While offering an excellent service to such well-established businesses, they still pride themselves on being a “family business” as they continue operating within the family values of trust and reliability.


Before being introduced to their current KeyTracker key system, OnPoint Logistics, were in the possession of a standard safe. They decided to implement one of KeyTracker’s systems because unfortunately whenever keys were misplaced or if no one knew who had the keys at that particular time, the staff were either unable to track the keys or they were just very difficult to find. This became an even bigger issue as they would be spending valuable time, searching for the keys just find out that someone else had them or they wouldn’t find them at all.


To solve this unfortunate issue, the logistics company purchased a mechanical system where they are now able to track any keys that are missing. The Peg-in, Peg-out Board was supplied to the company with personalised access pegs, therefore any time someone removes the provided retention peg, with their access peg, any staff member can clearly see who is in current possession of it. Not only is this a more organised storage space for their keys but it’s also a secure system that has prevented confusion or frustration on the whereabouts of important keys.

“The benefits of the KeyTracker system are that it provides safe storage of keys on an un-manned site of ours and organisation of keys. If the keys are taken, then we can see who has taken the keys as all of the release pegs are traceable. I would recommend this system as it has both, a cost saving and time saving benefit. It’s a very good service!”

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