The Compleat Food Group – Pork Farm

The Pork Farm was established in 1931 and has been baking delicious pork pies ever since. A one-person business in Nottinghamshire thrived into The Pork farm that we know today while still using the founder’s original recipe. The company uses 100% pork in their pork pies, therefore never failing to disappoint their customers when it comes to the taste of their pies.


Before being introduced to the Keytracker system, The Pork Farm had a “goodwill” process where they relied on their staff members to return the items they had used. While this shows how much trust the business has for its employees, the lack of security made it very easy for anyone to borrow the items without permission or even steal them, leading to the company having to purchase more items. In addition, if the item was misplaced, the company had no way of knowing where it was or who had it last.


After finding out about Keytracker’s management key and asset systems, The Pork Farm decided to implement their T1 Single Unit System into their business as they wanted to have the ability of key and asset traceability. The Peg-in, Peg-out process allows the staff members to see when the item is missing and who has it, which also enforces accountability among the employees.

“We use it to control scissor lift key, or plant-room keys, and they are an ideal solution for communal tool or asset control. Less items are going missing; people are being held accountable and we can clearly see what is currently in use.”

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