Jaguar Land Rover

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), a renowned British multinational automobile manufacturer, is recognised for its luxury and sport utility vehicles. In a strategic move to enhance operational efficiency, JLR recently implemented the ECO range of intelligent locker systems. This initiative was primarily focused at their Halewood site and aimed to revolutionise the management of handheld scanners and HIP printers.

Introducing these advanced locker units marks a significant step forward in JLR’s commitment to technological innovation and efficient resource management.


Before implementing the intelligent locker system, JLR faced several challenges in managing their handheld devices, such as Honeywell scanners and HIP printers. The key issues included inefficient device tracking, suboptimal charging solutions, and the inability to ensure device availability and readiness for staff. These challenges not only affected operational efficiency but also hindered the overall productivity of the workforce. Thus, the need for an integrated, intelligent system to address these issues was evident.


The solution came in the form of the ECO range of locker systems. These lockers have advanced technology that seamlessly integrates with JLR’s existing infrastructure. Staff members at the Halewood site can now easily access devices using their access control cards. The system, linked with an active directory, automatically recognises users, eliminating the need for manual management of the locker system.

A standout feature is the ‘Item ID’ (device selection) option, which enables users to choose between items, including HIP printers and Honeywell handheld scanners. The locker then employs ‘Last-In, Last-Out’ technology to dispense the most charged and least used device, ensuring optimal rotation and power availability.

The charging process is equally innovative, leveraging Cambrionix technology. This allows efficient charging tailored to each device’s specific needs, which may be monitored through a live viewer app showing real-time battery percentages.

Additionally, the system was customised for JLR’s specific needs,
such as integrating USB-C ports for scanner charging and allowing
for easy replacement of charging leads.


Since installing eight locker systems across the site, JLR has experienced remarkable improvements. The ‘Item Identification’ feature speeds up device issuance, ensuring employees can
quickly access fully charged and functional devices. This feature also allows tracking of each device’s usage and condition, promoting user accountability.

Furthermore, the system’s ability to prevent the issue of multiple devices to a single user and ensure the correct device’s return has significantly enhanced asset management. This is complemented by the option for users to comment on the device’s condition, guaranteeing a consistent check on device functionality each shift.

JLR’s management has been thoroughly impressed with the efficiency and effectiveness of the locker systems. The success at the Halewood site has sparked discussions about potential implementation at their Solihull site, indicating the system’s scalability and adaptability to different operational environments.

James Mulholland, Senior Operations Engineer, says: “Implementing the ECO locker systems has been a game-changer for JLR operations. The seamless integration and ease of use have significantly enhanced our team’s efficiency. Intelligent features like LILO and device selection have ensured that our staff can always access fully charged and well-maintained equipment. It’s impressive how the system manages everything from charging to device tracking without manual intervention. This technology has simplified our processes and fostered a sense of accountability among our team members. We are delighted with the results and look forward to exploring further possibilities with the intelligent lockers range.”

In conclusion, implementing the ECO locker systems at JLR’s Halewood site is a testament to the potential of intelligent technology solutions to streamline operational processes and enhance workforce efficiency. The success of this project has set a precedent for future technological integrations within JLR and possibly across the industry.

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