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The agriculture retailers, H. Curtis and Sons, have been taking the industry by storm through selling quality agriculture equipment to those that need it. With a combination of over 75 years in the industry they provide their customers with an excellent service as they have an extensive network of sourcing partners all over the globe helping to supply their customers with an efficient solution to their agriculture equipment problems.


H. Curtis and Sons has been operating for a while and have developed a very professional and well-organised business; however, their key system was no longer living up their standards, so they decided that they needed to make some changes. Their previous system consisted of a few hangers on a wall which didn’t give the company that professional look that they were going for and it also didn’t allow them to track their keys. In addition to this their keys would go missing due to an unorganised system and they would have to spend a lot of time looking for the missing keys.


The company switched over to KeyTracker’s Mechanical key system which has exceeded their expectations. They’re now able to easily identify which key is missing and who has it in their posession which has really sped up the process of looking for keys. Their mechanical system has provided them with a smart, professional and efficient way of managing their keys.

“Smart, professional and functional way of handling keys and it helped emphasise accountability. As with everything, if well managed, it will save you time, money and arguments looking for keys. KeyTracker provide great and rapid service and their products are well priced.”

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