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Europe’s largest motorbike retailer, SuperBike Factory, commits to offering their bikers the widest variety of bikes and the best prices in the UK. Every bike goes through a total of 120 thorough inspection checks and in addition to this, their own technicians take each motorbike out for a full road test to check its engine performance, steering and brakes. All of this has been put in place to ensure that their customers are receiving a high-quality service, making them the top-destination for any rider who wants the best quality, value, and choice.


SuperBike Factory needed more security and accountability for the keys that would be misplaced or taken home. The company got into contact with Keytracker who provided them with a system so that their key management process would be a lot more organised and efficient. In the company’s words, the best thing about the Keytracker system in comparison to their previous process is “Knowing where any set of keys are in the business, even across multiple sites.” With approximately 100 users, they save about 20 minutes a day on what would’ve been spent looking for keys. It’s also provided better accessibility for all departments and has helped the flow of vehicles through their workshop.

“Always a pleasure dealing with Keytracker. When we placed our first order no one predicted the scale of our growth, but Keytracker has always been able to provide us with everything we need to keep us going. It’s well worth the investment”

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