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Yusen Logistics is a global supply chain logistics company that provides ocean and air freight forwarding, warehousing, distribution services, and supply chain management – a seamlessly connected suite of supply chain solutions that delivers superior value, reliability, and expertise. With 631 distribution centres/offices in 350 cities in 47 countries and regions, Yusen Logistics has evidently excelled in the logistics industry and continues to develop strong relationships with their customers to ensure their long-term success.


Before investing in a Keytracker system, Yusen logistics had a simple paper-based process that involved noting when a key or item was taken out or returned. Although this is a very straightforward process, it didn’t immediately display the security of the equipment, which could have been a cause for concern.


After speaking with Keytracker, the logistics company decided to purchase a management system to demonstrate control over their material handling equipment. The system has provided them with transparent control measures and security, as no one can access the desired tools or equipment without proper permission and protocol.

“Our business journey with Keytracker from discovery to installation and aftersales was flawless. The Keytracker system has removed individuals’ choice, increased Team Leaders responsibility, removed H&S concerns of MHE misuse. It’s an effective key control measure”.

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