Castell Howell Foods

From small rural beginnings in 1988, Castell Howell Foods has thrived into Wales’ leading independent food service wholesaler. The family-run business is incredibly proud of its rural roots, so supplying and promoting regional produce is one of its core values. Each year, the company invests millions of pounds in regional produce and services from Welsh suppliers and manufacturers, thus providing a platform for their products to reach the market.


Before being introduced to the Keytracker system, Castell Howell Foods had a process of simply placing keys onto hooks, which needed more security, allowing anyone to take the keys at any moment, and they would have no way of knowing who took them. The food wholesaler required an efficient system to keep their keys safe and organised while inaccessible to unauthorised people.


After speaking with a sales team member from Keytracker, Castell Howell Foods decided to purchase a key management system to gain smoother operation and security for their keys. The customers feel relieved knowing that their premises keys are safe. In addition, all staff members who use the system will get an immediate visual of when a key is missing and who has it.

“The system is very beneficial because it’s secure and the keys are returned to the correct place, and they’re always accounted for. The Keytracker system is very smooth and efficient.”

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