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Marshall Mercedes-Benz of Preston, based in Lancashire, is a division of the parent company Marshalls Motor Group. The parent company is a trusted automotive service and solutions provider, displaying a high level of expertise for over a century. Mercedes-Benz invested significantly in the brand with state-of-the-art showrooms and aftersales facilities at all locations. They encourage all customers and prospects to explore their carefully structured website and beautiful showroom.


Marshall Mercedes-Benz of Preston were already customers of Keytracker as they previously purchased our Mechanical Peg-in, Peg-out Board; while the system served them well, they were looking for an upgrade, something that would provide them with a clear view of key locations and the person in possession of the keys. They wanted a system that wouldn’t compromise on security measures and would have additional benefits to ensure complete transparency and peace of mind.


This issue was resolved after the motor group upgraded to the electronic key cabinet, which provided them with biometric authorisation methods, remote access to the software, complete audit reports and the ability to see when a key was taken out and whether it was returned. These advancements have made the motor group’s operations even more seamless as they have eliminated the human risk of the misplacement of keys.

“I would recommend all sites have this system. The whole process was very efficient and once the system was authorised the building and fitting time was much quicker than originally quoted. No more lost time looking for keys and if a key is out of the board, we know instantly who has them. With 50 staff members using the keys onsite, we save approximately 5 – 10 minutes a day. To any potential customers interested in a Keytracker system – you won’t regret it!!”

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